About these terms

Ace Avetmiss Pty. Ltd. may make changes to these terms of service from time to time, without notice. It is a responsibility of the registered user to ensure that they comply with the latest terms of service at any given time. Changes will become immediately effective after they are posted. You should discontinue your use of the service if you do not agree with the modified terms of service. Completion of registration is deemed to be an agreement of to the Ace AVETMISS terms of service. In the event of breach of this policy, Ace Avetmiss Pty. Ltd. reserves the right, under it’s sole discretion, to terminate a user’s account, and delete files with immediate effect, without recompense or refund.


  • Ace AVETMISS provides users with an online tool that creates AVETMISS (NAT) files. This tool is for the purpose of assisting users to meet AVETMISS compliance for data submissions to State Training Authorities (STAs) or directly to NCVER in the user’s official capacity, and not for any other purpose.
  • Ace AVETMISS may occasionally send e-mail to notify users about important changes to the site, new services, newsletters and special offers from us.
  • Interference or misuse of Ace AVETMISS is strictly prohibited. Users will not interfere with Ace AVETMISS directly or through another application to make changes to Ace AVETMISS of any sort.
  • Use of Ace AVETMISS for any malicious or unlawful purpose is prohibited.
  • Users must represent a valid and active (RTO) Registered Training Organisation.

Content related

  • Ace AVETMISS is an online tool to create AVETMISS (NAT) files. Ace AVETMISS is not responsible for the completeness, accuracy, legality or reliability of data entered by users. Users are solely responsible for the content they enter and their subsequent data submissions to NCVER or State Training Authorities (STAs).
  • Users are solely responsible for any and all activities carried out within Ace AVETMISS and submission to NCVER or State Training Authorities (STAs). Activities by all users on the site must not be false, inaccurate, misleading, offensive, menacing, abusive, defamatory or indecent information including material which would constitute a criminal offence.
  • All data entered into Ace AVETMISS is treated as confidential. Please check our privacy policy about how Ace AVETMISS protects and secures your data and personal information at http://aceavetmiss.com.au/privacy-policy. Ace AVETMISS also collects personal information of the user’s clients for the creation of AVETMISS (NAT) files, which remains private to the user and is not viewed, used, or shared by Ace AVETMISS in any manner unless explicitly requested by the user and then agreed by Ace Avetmiss. Ace Avetmiss reserves the right to deny any request to ‘view user’s data and help fix data issues’.
  • AVETMISS (NAT) files generated by Ace AVETMISS are to be managed appropriately and securely by users and their organisations.
  • Malicious use of Ace AVETMISS to create or transmit programs that harass other users of the system by infiltrating a computing system and/or by damaging the software components of a computing system is prohibited.
  • If the user does not renew subscription before the expiry date, then they will not be able to access their account, and will be redirected to the payment screen, after the expiry date has passed. Ace Avetmiss Pty. Ltd. will send reminder email(s) to users after their paid subscription has expired. After 30 days have passed since the expiry of an account, Ace Avetmiss Pty. Ltd. will delete the account and related content with prior notice of 5 days to the relevant account holder.

Account related

  • User account credentials (Username & Password) must be protected and not shared with anyone. User is held responsible for changing and securing this information, and for any and all data/financial losses, if this information is compromised.
  • Access to Ace AVETMISS using a method other than the provided web User Interface and Ace AVETMISS CONNECT API is prohibited. This also includes getting access to another user’s Ace AVETMISS account without their prior consent.
  • User must notify Ace AVETMISS immediately in the event of any security breaches.

Fee & Refund Policy

Ace AVETMISS offers paid subscription for using the online tool. The minimum term is 1 year.
The costs of the subscription and renewal are as mentioned on the website. There are no hidden charges and the mentioned prices are the exact amount which users pay for their subscription/renewal. Please note that the subscription/renewal costs are subject to change without notice at the discretion of Ace Avetmiss Pty. Ltd.
Payment is preceded by free trial i.e. user is asked to pay for a subscription only at the end of a free trial. The user is solely responsible for judging whether the tool meets their needs or not. A user will not be entitled for any refund if he/she decides to terminate the subscription before the end date of paid subscription.
Ace Avetmiss Pty. Ltd. refunds the subscription/renewal fees only when –

  • User has been charged incorrectly, or
  • At the sole discretion of Ace Avetmiss Pty. Ltd., user actions have been termed as malicious or inappropriate, and the user account has been disabled and files deleted.

Refunds are made by cheque or online fund transfer to the account that paid for the subscription within 10 working days.

Support Services

Ace AVETMISS provides support for queries related to the tool, from users with a paid subscription. For any queries, related to the data or AVETMISS standard, Ace Avetmiss Pty. Ltd. recommends users to contact their corresponding STA (State Training Authority) or NCVER directly. Ace Avetmiss Pty. Ltd. may or may not provide support to users without a valid & active account, or users with valid & active account in free trial.
Ace Avetmiss Pty. Ltd. ensures to provide support related to registration, tool related queries, subscription or technical issues as part of its Code of Practice. Ace Avetmiss Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to deny any request to ‘view user’s data and help fix data issues’. For any queries, users may contact through [email protected] and their concerns will be attended within a week.

Policy for complaints

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all complaints made by users are dealt with fairly, confidentially and quickly. Ace Avetmiss Pty. Ltd. has developed complaints policy to improve operations and to prevent complaints from recurring. Ace AVETMISS ensures –

  • Any complaints are resolved promptly, objectively, sensitively and confidentially
  • Views of each complainant and respondent are respected and that no party to a complaint is discriminated against or victimised
  • Consistent response is provided for any complaints

Users may lodge a complaint by detailing their concern in email and sending it to [email protected]. There is no cost for a user to lodge a complaint. User is eligible to request a result within 60 working days. Complaints process commences within 10 days of the receipt of the complaint. The Director then, if necessary, seeks to resolve the issues in the complaint. Further, a written report is provided to the complainant within 20 working days on the steps that are taken to address the complaint or appeal, and clearly stating the reasons for the decision.