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Ace Avetmiss is a web-based tool for RTOs to enter VET student and training activity information and generate AVETMISS Release 8.0 compliant data files (NAT files) for the National VET Provider Collection. It complements your existing business systems, rather than forcing you to replace all the systems.
Ace Avetmiss Connect opens a world of advanced integration options which allows you to program an automatic data communication between your in-house ad-hoc systems and Ace Avetmiss server.

All RTOs must collect and report AVETMISS data as part of their registration requirements. Ace Avetmiss helps RTOs to meet the compliance requirements and pass audits. Ace Avetmiss may not be suitable for state-specific reporting requirements and state-funded activity and cannot produce NAT10A and NAT30A files for reporting non-registered training organisation data and non-accredited program data respectively.

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Ace Avetmiss is really an ace in the pack of tools available for AVETMISS 8.0 reporting for RTOs to comply with the legislation and pass audits. Ace Avetmiss is specially optimised for RTOs which provide Non-state managed training and need to submit AVETMISS 8.0 compliant NAT files to NCVER directly.
Looking for an AVETMISS 8 reporting tool that complements your existing business systems, rather than forcing you to replace all the systems? Well, Ace Avetmiss is the answer to all your needs! Ace Avetmiss Connect opens a world of advanced integration options which allows you to program an automatic data communication between your in-house ad-hoc systems and Ace Avetmiss server.

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VET student and Training Activity Information
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Ace Avetmiss Connect

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Web based

Work smarter. Be on the go. 24/7 SSL Secured access from anywhere. Cross-platform [Win, Mac, Linux]. No ugly installs & updates. Leave the tedious work for us!


Ace Avetmiss is designed & built on cutting-edge technology by highly technical team. It uses cache & distributed content delivery network to supercharge things for you!


Power up your Avetmiss 8.0 reporting by using suggestions & auto-fill features of Ace Avetmiss, so that you do less and achieve more! More power to you!


Ace Avetmiss hits the bull’s-eye with a refreshingly clean design, simple and easy user experience. No training required. It is a cost effective solution with no-frills attached so that you pay only for what you need!

Smartphones & Tablets Optimised

Bring it on! Ace Avetmiss is built for all devices and form factors, including a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. So you can access your stuff securely, anywhere, on any device!

Collaborate for no added cost

Start collaborating! Invite unlimited additional users and you can all collaborate in real time. Work with your team to finish AVETMISS reporting in no time. Share with confidence for no added cost!

Free Try Before You Buy

Have doubts whether Ace Avetmiss is the right fit or not? We offer a 15 days free trial before you buy. No strings attached, no payment details needed for the free trial. Now thats really the freedom of choice!

Friendly Support

Need help? We’ve got you covered. We take great pride offering the best customer service and support in the industry. Our friendly support staff is ready to answer any questions related to the tool. Great Support. Comes Standard.

Why Choose Us

  • Fast, Powerful, Simple, and Cost-efficient.
  • Web-based solution. Cross-platform compatible. Works on all devices with browser and internet connectivity. No ugly installs and updates.

  • Ace Avetmiss uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between Ace Avetmiss server and a client.

  • Invite and Collaborate with unlimited number of team-mates at no additional cost.

  • Designed & built by experienced and talented team.
  • Comes with a free 15 days trial period.
  • Unlimited student data entry.
  • We offer free support for the tool because we care about our customers.

What Clients Say

ACE AVETMISS has been a wonderful SMS for our RTO. We had previously used 2 others and found they were more focused on their ‘product’ with all the bells and whistles, rather than us as the end user and we were paying for things we didn’t need or use. We were close to having our own system custom built but fortunately ACE AVETMISS were recommended to us. Initially we were a bit hesitant about using ACE AVETMISS as they were so new, so we signed up for an initial ‘trial’ and were instantly convinced this was the product for us. Simple, affordable, to the point and compliant with reporting needs. Added to that – all our queries were answered and our staff easily trained in the use of the system!

Jo Hammond, Manager/CEO Skillbuild

I highly recommend ACE AVETMISS to Registered Training Organisations for easy and smooth AVETMISS reporting. The product and services offered meets all of our requirements.

CEO, Skills Institute Australia

Ace Avetmiss is a strong web application for data retention, management, analysis and reporting, designed specifically for use within Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). Ace Avetmiss is incredibly responsive, with a refreshingly clean design!

Jain, Galaxy Training Australia