We Welcome Your Feedback

Our client's opinions are very important to us. We are committed to delivering and continually improving our service levels by listening to and acting on the feedback of our customers.


Every RTO is different.
If you are looking a new feature, or a small optimisation in the tool to cater to your special needs, you are in luck! Contact us to discuss your special needs today!

Complaints, Suggestions ?

Let us know if you have a complaint, wish to make a suggestion, pay a compliment or have a comment / question. Our friendly support is always happy to respond promptly.


What links are important related to AVETMISS ?

Please visit http://aceavetmiss.com.au/avetmiss/

How secure is my data ?

Ace AVETMISS is committed to your online security. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an industry standard for encrypting private data sent over the Internet. In other words, it helps protect your account from hackers and insures the security of private data sent over the Internet.

Only you and your invited team mates can access your organisation data after successful authentication.

I entered wrong details during registration. Can it be changed ?


You can edit your profile information from ‘User Profile’ tile once you have logged in. Username and Email address field cannot be changed.

I forgot my username/password. How can I recover it ?

On the top navigation next to Signup link, click the link that says Forgot Username/Password.
If you need to recover your password, you will need to provide your username.
If you need to recover your username, you will need to provide your registered email address.

Is there an eligibility criteria for creating an account ?

You must represent a valid and active RTO Registered Training Organisation .

Why do I need to provide my full name ?

For use in all correspondence via mail or phone.

What software do I need to install ?

None. You need a device with access to the internet and a web browser. That’s it !

What machine/device do I need to use this tool ?

Any computer, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone (Yes, our web application and content is optimised for smartphones & tablets also). We do not use Flash like stuff which does not work across platforms. Our site works on any device and platform, all you need is a device with browser and internet.

Supported web browsers ?

All modern browsers are supported. For example : Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

What do I do, If I have a problem which is not listed in FAQs ?

Contact Us.

What are the advantages of Ace AVETMISS being a cloud based reporting tool ?
  • Access your data securely, from anywhere.
  • No software installs and uninstalls required for the end user.
  • Works with for all devices, with browser and internet connection. No dependency on 1 single machine.
  • Real time collaboration for multiple users.
  • Cross-platform supported. No dependency on any particular operating system.